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TRCOOK02 2nd Gen. Cooking Oil Pump


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• Flow rate of up to 1 Gallons per Minute
• Discharge Hose Length of 23.8 inches
• Suction Tube Length of 15.9 inches
• Includes 3PK of Filters, Clip and Filter Cage
• BPA-Free, Safe for foods, water etc.
Operates with Two (2) "D" Batteries, Not Included!
For better flow oil should be warm to the touch, Not Hot!

Model: TRCOOK02

Compatible Liquids
Dispenses cooking oil, Only!

  • Filtered Pump
  • • Don't worry about industrial Chemical. Our pumps are BPA free.
  • • The filter will ensure that no food particles will be transferred, the oil that remains will be filtered and much more clean
  • • Effortlessly transfer oil from container to receptacle. It helps save and reuse oil
  • • Portable and lightweight: great for outdoor activities
  • • You can have extra 2 filters plus 1 wire clip included
  • • Do you need replacement filters? Search for 'TRCOOKFIL

  • Battery Operated & On/Off Switch
  • • Includes: 1 Pump, 2 extra Filters, Plus 1 wire Clip to hold in the filters
  • • Power: 2-D Batteries
  • • Applicable Liquids: Cooking Oil Only!
  • • Total Length: 26 Inches (660mm)
  • • Suction Tube Length: 15.9 inches (404mm)
  • • Discharge Tube Length: 23.8 inches (605mm)
  • • Discharge Tube Inner: 0.57 inches (14.5mm)
  • • Net Weight: 9oz (225g)

  • How to Operate our Pump
  • 1. Unscrew the cap located on the end of the pump handle and insert two "D" - size alkaline batteries (not included) in the direction
  • 2. To install or change the filter; Remove the wire clip from the filter cage cover and remove and/or install a new filter
  • 3. Replace the wire clip. Replace filters after every use for maximum results and to avoid possible storage contamination
  • 4. Insert the pump intake valve into the container holding the oil. Insert the white hose into the container that will receive the oil
  • Note: The container holding the oil must be higher than the container to which the oil will be transferred.

  • Power
  • Operates with Two (2) "D" Batteries, Not Included!

  • Compatible Parts
  • Battery Cap Filter Cage Filters

  • Tip
  • For better flow oil should be warm to the touch, Not Hot!