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Lift-Action Pumps

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TRLTCD01 TRLTCD01 Nylon Chemical Pump

Compatible Liquids
Lacquer thinners, acetone, antifreeze, brake cleaner, detergents, glycerin, non-potable water, weed killer, mild acids, adblue, Urea, DEF & petroleum based media

TRLTSTEEL TRLTSTEEL Steel Vertical Lift Pump

Compatible Liquids
Antifreeze, diesel, high viscosity petroleum based media, Hydraulic Fluid, Kerosene, Lacquer thinners etc., Light Oils up to 40 weight, most type of paint thinners & Some non corrosive chemicals

TRLVPOLY01 TRLTSTLESS Stainless Steel Lift Pump

Compatible Liquids
Kerosene, Diesel, DEF & Solvents

TRLVPOLY01 TRLVPOLY01 Polycarbonate Lift Pump

Compatible Liquids
Kerosene, Diesel, Antifreeze & Lubricants