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Aluminum Rotary Drum Pump - TRWSPRO Aluminum Rotary Drum Pump - TRWSPRO

Compatible Liquids
Differentials & heavier oils, engine oils, transmission etc

TRLEVER100 Big Blue Lever-Action Drum Pump

Compatible Liquids
Thick liquids such as paraffin, Motor oil, cutting oils, etc.

TRD490CL Clear Tube Lever Action Barrel Pump - TRD490CL

Compatible Liquids
Diesel oil, heating oils, heavy & light oils, motor oils & oil base fluids

TRD490PAIL Industrial Lever Action Pail 5 Gal Bucket Pump

Compatible Liquids
Differentials, heavier oils, engine oils & transmission

TRD490N Lever Action Heavy Oil Drum Pump - TRD490N

Compatible Liquids
Oil based fluids, heating oils, motor oils, light oils, diesel & kerosene

TRLTSTEEL Steel Vertical Lift Pump - TRLTSTEEL

Compatible Liquids
Antifreeze, diesel, high viscosity petroleum based media, hydraulic fluid, kerosene, lacquer thinners, light oils up to 40 weight, most type of paint thinners & Some non corrosive