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Chemicals Resistant Manual Drum Siphon Pump

Chemicals Resistant Manual Drum Siphon Pump

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  • Control the Flow
    21 Liter/Min Chemical Resistant Manual Siphon Pump
    Transferring liquid out of a drum can be a pain! Safely use this portable TERA PUMP TRCDRUM
    Manual Siphon Pump to transfer or empty tanks, barrels, drums, carboys and IBCs

    The TERA PUMP TRCDRUM is an affordable manual chemical transfer pump designed for quick and easy emptying of gas cans of various sizes. The TRCDRUM eliminates the lifting of large, heavy, gas cans and spilling wasted fuel. Up and down operated flexible spring type bellows allow smooth operation and high-powered discharge.

    Chemical Resistant Manual Pump
    Chemical resistant Pump
    Acid and water based chemical resistant manual hand drum barrel siphon pump.

    Simple Operation
    Rotate cap on top to start/stop flow
    Vertical manual action to start pumping

    Durable Design
    Discharge tube designed to be flexible for better control of the flow and transferring of liquid

    Grab Every Drop
    Suction Tube is cut with an angle to lay flat against the bottom, allowing an easier transfer process.

    Applicable Liquids
    Thinner, Toluene, Hydrochloric Acid 35%, Nitric Acid 35%, Sulfuric Acid 35%, Acetic Acid 35%, Water (NOT DRINKING WATER), Gasoline, Diesel, Chemical Insecticides, Alcoholic Liquids

    Total Length: 1155mm (45.5 inches)

    Suction Tube Length: 855mm (33.7 inches)

    Suction Tube Inner Diameter: 20.5mm (0.81 inches)

    Discharge Tube Length: About 1180mm (46.5 inches)

    Discharge Tube Inner Diameter: 20mm (0.79 inches)
    Net Weight: About 430 grams (15.2 oz)

    How to Operate our Pump
    1.Place the suction pipe into supply container opening.
    2.Place the outlet of the discharge hose into receiving container opening.
    3.Grip handle, pressing down repeatedly until liquid begins to flow. Liquid will continue flowing though discharge hose as long as the level of contents of the supply container is higher than that of the receiving container.
    4.If siphon action stops because the level in the supply container is very low, grip handle and press down repeatedly, or raise the supply container so it is above the receiving container.
    5.To stop siphon flow at any time, unscrew the air vent cap at the top of the grip. To start flow, close the air vent cap and repeat step 3.