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Cooking Oil Pump

Cooking Oil Pump

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Model: TRCOOK01


  • Outdoor Cooking Oil Filter Pump
    2 Liter/Min Cooking Oil Filter Siphon Pump
    Transferring cooking oil out of a frying pot can be a pain! Safetly use this portable TERA PUMP TRCOOK01 Siphon Pump to transfer or empty tanks, barrels, drums, carboys and IBCs

    The TERA PUMP TRCOOK01 is an affordable cooking oil filter pump is designed for quick and easy transfer of used cooking oil. The TRCOOK01 eliminates the messy clean up of cooking oil and spilling wasted cooking oil. Up and down operated flexible spring type bellows allow smooth operation and high powered discharge.

    Filtered Pump

    Don't worry about industrial Chemical. Our pumps are BPA free.
    The filter will ensure that no food particles will be transferred, the oil that remains will be filtered and much more clean.
    Effortlessly transfer oil from container to receptacle. It helps save and reuse oil.
    Portable and lightweight: great for outdoor activities.
    You can have extra 2 filters plus 1 wire clip included
    Do you need replacement filters? Search for 'TRCFIL01

    Battery Operated & On/Off Switch
    Includes: 1 Pump, 2 extra Filters, Plus 1 witer Clip to hold in the filters
    Power: 2-D Batteries
    Applicable Liquids: Cooking Oil Only!
    Total Length: 26 Inches (660mm)
    Suction Tube Length: 15.9 inches (404mm)
    Discharge Tube Length: 23.8 inches (605mm)
    Discharge Tube Inner: 0.57 inches (14.5mm)
    Net Weight: 9oz (225g)

    How to Operate

    1.Unscrew the cap located on the end of the pump handle and insert two "D" - size alkaline batteries (not included) in the direction.
    2.To install or change the filter; Remove the wire clip from the filter cage cover and remove and/or install a new filter.
    3.Replace the wire clip. Replace filters after every use for maximum results and to avoid possible storage contamination.
    4.Insert the pump intake valve into the container holding the oil. Insert the white hose into the container that will receive the oil. The container holding the oil must be higher than the container to which the oil will be transferred.