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TRD490BIO - Bio-Diesel Steel Lever-Action Drum Pump- 10oz per Stroke

TRD490BIO - Bio-Diesel Steel Lever-Action Drum Pump- 10oz per Stroke

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Model: TRD490BIO


done_all Compatible Liquids
Bio Diesel / Diesel / E85 Fuels / Kerosene / Light Oils / Lubricating Oils up to SAE 90

closeNOT Compatible
Corrosive liquids / Solvents / Acids, Alkalis (This is not for drinking water)


  • Lever Action Bio Diesel & E85 Fuel Drum Pump
    TERA PUMP has been pumping innovation into fuel siphoning for years! Helping eliminate the lifting of large, heavy, gas cans and spilling wasted fuel are things of the past with our products. Whether you are in the field, farm, shop, garage, or at home TERA PUMP products will help you save time and money!

    Applicable Liquids:
    Bio Diesel, Diesel, E85 Fuels, Kerosene, Light Oils, Lubricating Oils up to SAE 90..etc.

    Delivery Volume:
    10oz per Stroke
    Power: Lever Piston Action (Manual)
    Suction Tube Length: 17 to 34.2 inch
    Suction Tube Diameter: 0.75 inch
    Discharge Spout: 5.4 inch

    Fits: 50 to 205L Drums (15-55 Gallons)
    Telescopic Intake: Adjustable to fit various Drum Barrel sizes
    No Electricity Required: Utilizes siphon action to transfer liquids by a simple grip and pump
    Fits Various Drum Barrels: Built-in 2 inch drum bung adapter fits various drum barrels for vacuum
    NOT Compatible: Do not use with highly corrosive liquids, solvents, acids and alkalies or Drinking Water
    Quality: Steel Pump with Viton Piston Ring & Seals made from Viton & PTFE
    Works great with farm equipment, Industrial Vehicles and in Automotive Shops

    Operation Instructions:
    1. Attach the Nozzle and then the Intake Pipe
    2. Insert Intake Pipe into drum and tighten
    3. Pump lever upwards and downward to start flow
    4. Cease pumping the lever to stop the flow