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TREP01-T - Telescopic Battery Powered Transfer Pump

TREP01-T - Telescopic Battery Powered Transfer Pump

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  • Flow Rate of 2.5 Gallons per Minute

  • Intake Tube Length: 15 in to 20 in (5 to 20 Gallon Drums)

  • Discharge Hose Length of 39.4 in + 12.4 inch Nozzle

  • Flow Control Nozzle to control the flow or lock the flow for prolonged sessions

  • Requires: 2x "D" Batteries (Not Included)

Model: TREP01-T


done_all Compatible Liquids
Gasoline, Diesel, Water (NOT Drinking Water), Anti-Freeze, Light Oil, Soaps, Chemical Insecticides, Detergent, Deodorants, Mild Acids, Wax...etc.

closeNOT Compatible
Acetone, Benzen,Cresol, Ethyl, Phenol, Methyl ethyl,Concentrated caustic soda-liquid,Nitric acid, Hydrochloric acid, Sulfuric-acid,thinner or solvents, Etc.

add_shopping_cart Accessories
Motor Cap Replacement
Replacement Shower Head Nozzle


  • TERA PUMP has been pumping innovation into fuel siphoning for years! Helping eliminate the lifting of large, heavy, gas cans and spilling wasted fuel are things of the past with our products. Whether you are in the field, farm, shop, garage, or at home TERA PUMP products will help you save time and money!

    Applicable Liquids: Any non-corrosive liquids such as gas, diesel, and water (DO NOT use for drinking water)
    • Delivery Volume: 9 Liters per Minute (2.4 Gallons per Minute)
    • Power: 2 "D" Batteries (NOT Included)
    • Adjustable Suction Tube Length: 15 to 20 inch
    • Suction Tube Diameter: 1.2 inch
    • Discharge Tube Length: 39.4 inch
    • Flow Control: Allows for quick starting and stopping
    • Telescopic Suction tube for gas cans up to 20 Gallon Barrels
    • Built in Flow Control Handle for easy refueling
    • Auto-Stop Sensor to prevent overflowing and loss of money and fuel!
    • Works great with Kerosene heaters
    • Makes refueling generators, lawn equipment, farm equipment simple, lifting heavy gas can's to refuel your equipment will be a thing of the past

    Operation Instructions:
    1. Insert Two "D" Size Batteries (Not Included)
    2. Insert Suction Tube into sending Container (Gas Can or Container with Fuel)
    3. Clip discharge hose to receiving end
    4. Squeeze the Nozzle to Start
    5. To Stop Flow, Release the Nozzle