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TRFTCLN Aquarium Gravel Cleaner, BPA-Free


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• Designed for One-Hand Operation - Suction Tube attaches to Aquarium Glass ( Sure to prevent siphon from moving all over aquarium and preventing splash back ), Discharge Hose Clip, easily attaches to most filling containers for a easy Water Changing
• Empties a 10 Gallon Aquarium Tank in about 7 Minutes and is made from BPA-Free plastic sure to be safe for all Aquarium life - Great for 10 to 20 Gallon Aquariums / Fish Tanks
• TRFTCLN Aquarium Siphon is great for filtering dirt, debris, food waster, fish dropping and more. Cleans gravel and sand without any damage to Aquarium life
• Includes Two (2) Types of Nozzles: Shorter Nozzle is for Water Changing / Drainage | Longer Nozzle is for Cleaning Fish Leftover Food, Droppings and Fine Gravel
• Our siphon was made to last and is improved year to year with customer feedback and backed by a 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty sure to make you and your Aquarium life Happy
Manual Aquarium pump
Compatible Liquids
Water Only, BPA-Free - Safe for Aquarium life
NOT Compatible
Kerosene or gasoline, Only for aquariums


Features Specifications
Compatible Liquids
Water Only, BPA-Free

  • Features
  • • Applicable Liquids: Water Only!
  • • Delivery Volume: 1.5 Gallons per Minute
  • • BPA-FREE: Safe for all aquarium life
  • • Flow Control: Adjusts the flow of water to optimize between draining, cleaning, sand and gravel cleaning
  • • Nozzle Extension: Attach this extension for thorough gravel cleaning and waste filtering
  • • Discharge Hose Clip: Porgies a hands-free experience by preventing the discharge hose from falling while filling container when clip is attached
  • • Filter: Keeps Large Gravel from entering pump to prevent blockage while operating ( 1.5 Gallons per Minute )
  • • Larger Suction Tube: This Larger suction tube allows for use in bigger Aquariums ( 10 Gallons or Greater )
  • • Backed by a 1-Year Manufacturers Warranty

  • 1. Place the intake nozzle end into the aquarium and attach it (using suction cup) to the glass
  • 2. Squeeze the operation bulb five to seven times. Water will start to flow out of the tank (aquarium), allowing draining and cleaning>
  • 3. For smooth flow, water level of tank (aquarium) must be higher than the end of discharge hose

  • Power
  • Squeeze-Action (Manual for Aquariums 10 - 20 Gallons)

  • Compatible Liquids
  • Water Only, BPA-Free - Safe for Aquarium life

  • NOT Compatible
  • Kerosene or gasoline, Only for aquariums