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2D Liquid Transfer Pump

2D Liquid Transfer Pump

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Model: TRHD01



    9 Quarts/Min Fuel Transfer Pump
    Transferring liquid out of a drum can be a pain! Safely use this portable TERA PUMP TRHD01 Manual Siphon Pump to transfer or empty tanks, barrels, drums, carboys and IBCs

    The TERA PUMP TRHD01 is an affordable manual chemical transfer pump designed for quick and easy emptying of gas cans of various sizes. The TRHD01 eliminates the lifting of large, heavy, gas cans and spilling wasted fuel. Up and down operated flexible spring type bellows allow smooth operation and high powered discharge.

    Suction Type
    Battery Powered Liquid Transfer Pump

    Application LIquids
    Any Non-Corrosive liquids such as gas, diesel, and water (NOT for Drinking water), etc...

    Fast Transfer Rates
    9 Quarts / Min, Increased suctioning power with impeller head

    Useful in the Garage, Basement, Bathroom, Shop and Yard

    Model No. TRHD01

    Battery Operated: Uses only 2 "D" batteries (Not Included)
    Battery Loading Slot: Simple twist off Mechanism
    Simple Power Bottom: Press the button and you're ready to go
    Material: P.P, P.E, Acetal, Made in Korea
    Toal Dimensions: 25 x 4.5 x 2 Inches
    Weight: 5 lbs

    1. Immerse the suction end of the pump into the liquid (ex. Gas Can)
    2. Insert the tube into a container to receive the liquid
    3. Turn the pump on. Caution: Do Not over fill the container. Avoid pumping liquid to a container higher than the pump's motor housing
    4. When finished, keep the pump upright and lift the handle above the pump mechanism to drain any liquid back into the original container. Do Not lay pump down until all liquid has been drained from the tube and pump.
    5. Run water through the pump after using it with anyother liquid. This will rinse the interior and exten the life of the pump.