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AirDrain Plunger

AirDrain Plunger

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  • - Easy to Use - 1 Air compression using a pump. 2 Insert TERAPLUNGE into clogged drain and press button. 3 The high pressure blast of air will immediately clear tough clogs!

    Items included - Air pump, Joint adapter, Sink / Tub adapter Drain Adapter

    - Larger air cylinder larger pressure - Holds pressures up to 87 psi

    - Expending Plunger head - Plunger head expands and ensures an airtight seal when the air is released for maximum pressure and clog clear

    - One blast clogs cleared - A single press of the air button will blast a high pressured gust of air and immediately clear your clogs

    Package info

    Size 17.5 x 6.5 x 3.5 (inch)

    Weight 2.5 Lbs