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Manual Drink Water Pump (BPA-Free)

Manual Drink Water Pump (BPA-Free)

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Model: TRPMW200


    Manual Powered Driking Water Pump
    Transferring liquid out of a 2-6 gallon bottle can be a pain! Safely use this portable TERA PUMP TRPMW200 to Siphon or transfer drinking water anywhere.

    The TERA PUMP TRPMW200 is an affordable drinking water pump designed for quick and easy emptying of water gallon bottles various sizes. The TRPMW200 eliminates the lifting of large, heavy, water bottles and spilling water. No more big and heavy water dispensers!

    Compatible with Screw or crown top bottles
    Fits 2 to 6 Gallon Bottles

    Small (12cm / 4.72 inch)
    Fits most 2-3 gallon water bottles

    Medium (20cm / 7.84 inch)
    Fits most 3 gallon water bottles

    Large (25cm / 9.75 inch)
    Fits most 5-6 gallon water bottles
    Adjustable and bendable tube system
    3 upper supply pumps for different bottles sizes (Small / Medium / Large)

    New fastner design keep all the working parts inside
    Discharge spout with a sanitary cap to keep unwanted germs away

    Go Green
    Manually operated
    BPA FREE material (Non-Toxic Plastic / No Bisphenola-A / No Phthalates)

    1.Clean outside of the pump with a soft cloth using a mixture of mild detergent
    2.Find the correct length for the upper supply tube to the uppper supply tube with the joint and insert them into the body hole tightly
    3.Insert pump into the bottle. The pump is made for 2 to 6 gallon water bottles. Push the pump onto the neck of the bottle and turn clockwise to fixate it.
    4.Snap the head to start the water flow
    5.Press the discharge spout into the pump nozzle
    6.When not in use, cover the end of discharge spout with the lock-tab lid which hangs from the discharge spout
    7.Clean the inside of the intake tube & discharge spout with the included brush