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Reusable No-Splash Cap - Water Bottler With Probe

Reusable No-Splash Cap - Water Bottler With Probe


Model: TRRWC02



    Water Gallon Jug Cap
    Transferring a 5-6 gallon bottle onto a water dispenser can be a pain! Safely use this TERA PUMP TRRWC02 to prevent water spilling when transfering drinking water onto a water dispenser.

    The TERA PUMP TRRWC02 is an affordable drinking water jug Cap designed for quick and easy trasferring of water gallon bottles various sizes. The TRRWC02 eliminates spilling water all around your water dispenser.

    Applicable Type: Reuseable No-Splash water jug bottle cap for snap on and most crown top, 48mm screw top bottles and water dispensers with probes

    Does Not Fit onto Glass Bottles nor 53mm Screw-Top

    Dimensions: 2.5 x 1.5 x 2.5 inches
    Materials: Silicone, polyethylene (BPA Free)

    Applicable Liquids: Bottled water, low viscosity drinks, sports & alcoholic drinks

    Fits Snap-on & most Crown-top (Must Remove inner ring)
    Fits ONLY 48mm Screw-top Bottles (NOT 53mm)
    Does Not Fit onto glass bottles
    Lets a minimal amount of water leak from the bottle when tiltitng in into place
    Dishwater Safe. Made of silicone and polyethylene (BPA Free)
    Mount to virtually any 5 - 6 gallon bottles.

    1.For use with crown-top finish bottles, peel one of both sides to release the inner ring
    2.Proceed to remove the ring by angling it slightly over the piece of the plastic valve that is protuding
    3.One removed, you are now ready to use this cap with a crown-top bottle
    4.For screw-top finish bottles, simply replace the ring by pressing firmly on each side and screwing it onto the top of your bottle
    5.Once you have adjusted the cap accordingly and fit it onto your bottle, you are now ready to tilt dispenser with probes