Warranty Claim Form

1-Year TERA PUMP Limited Warranty

The 1 year limited warranty applies to to the original purchaser against failure for a period of 12  months (depending on the product) from the original purchase date on all new products.


  • The warranty does not cover failure due to improper operation, or accidental or deliberate damage. For example but not limited to mechanical trauma, electrical trauma, negligence, accidents, misuse or use in unsuitable environments, etc. 
  • The warranty is voided if you have modified the unit in any way.
  • The warranty does not cover non-defective parts worn, exhausted or consumed through normal usage of the Product
  • The warranty does not include re-configuration (setting up) or re-installation of your product. It will normally be sent back to you in a 'factory default' condition.
  • This limited warranty only covers products purchased from Terapump, or sellers authorized by Terapump. This limited warranty does not extend to products purchased from unauthorized sellers. (including, without limitation, online 3rd party sellers who sell on auction sites) Please note that Amazon.com is an authorized seller of Terapump products, but only products sold by SOJITEK are covered by this limited warranty, and all third-party sellers on Amazon.com are unauthorized. Proof of purchase from an authorized seller is required for warranty coverage. You may obtain a current list of authorized Terapump sellers by emailing Customer Service Department at terapump@gmail.com.


  • For any claim under this warranty, the owner will need to produce an original sales invoice/receipt showing the specific model name/number AND the date of original purchase. A financial bill (e.g. credit card bill) shall not normally be considered adequate.
  • "Original purchaser" is defined as the person buying a new  product from TeraPump or from an Authorized dealer in the US. This limited warranty is non-transferable. 
  • "Purchase Date" is considered to be the date of original purchase by the owner as shown on his/her sales receipt/invoice.


  • The owner is required to return the product, having firstly filed the fault/problem and obtained an 'RMA authorization number' after submitting this claim form. The user/owner is responsible for the cost of returning the item. An item replaced under warranty will be returned to the owner at no additional shipping cost to the owner.
  • Items received without a valid RMA will not be accepted and will be either rejected or returned at your own cost.
  • TeraPump will not be liable for lost return packages. We strongly suggest you include tracking and insurance with your shipment.